Electrical Engineering Subteam Member

Riverside, United States

The Engineering Department is where the magic happens. With a multidisciplinary team of Mechanical, Electrical and Computer Engineers, we develop a fully-functional autonomous plane from scratch to take part in the annual AUVSI-SUAS competition in Maryland.

Join UCR-UAS to Inspire, Educate, and Innovate not only to develop the Aerospace industry in our region but to also hone your skills in a realistic way!

Introduction to the Electrical Engineering Subteam

Subteams are specialized teams that produce particular subsystems defined by the project’s need. In addition to contributing towards the overall product, subteams serve as an opportunity for UCR-UAS members to engage in both leadership and technical development roles.

The Electrical Engineering (EE) Subteam designs and evaluates the electrical systems on the UAV while balancing power consumption with the energy available. This year, we will be focused on the details of how to make the electrical systems work together; for example, how to deploy the VTOL motors onboard the UAV when the autopilot identifies that it has reached a stage of the mission where they are required. We are also continuing with our analysis of the powerplant of the UAV, and we will be attempting to rapidly utilize new hardware to enhance our current data acquisition capabilities. In addition to this, the EE team assists with designing the power supply for the ground station.

Electrical Engineering Subteam Member job Description

EE members complete the tasks required for the team to meet its goals. Most of the work that members need to do falls into a few broad categories, and members may want to specialize in the categories for which they feel most comfortable with the work involved.

  • Embedded Programming for Data Collection - Write code that allows a microcontroller to interface with sensors that monitor a physical system (ie. a current sensor monitoring current through a wire) and collect data at a regular interval in the most efficient way possible. EE/CS 120B and/or an understanding of C++ and experience with microcontrollers is highly recommended; EE 128 is a plus.

  • Embedded Programming for Actuator Control - Implement the controllers for auxiliary actuators on the UAV, such as those which deploy the VTOL arms. An understanding of servo motors in addition to C++ and microcontrollers is recommended.

  • Embedded Programming for Communications - Write the code that allows a microcontroller to receive commands from an onboard computer and relay information back over a standard serial connection. An understanding of C++ and microcontrollers is recommended; an understanding of high-speed serial communication is a plus.

  • Circuit Design - Design the layout of circuits which allow a microcontroller to interface with other components. Special attention must be given to ensure that all components operate under the expected conditions. EE 001A is highly recommended; EE/CS 120B and/or experience with RC vehicle circuitry is a plus.

  • MATLAB Programming for Data Analysis - Write MATLAB scripts to process sets of data, utilizing the various toolboxes designed for data analysis as needed. Scripts may be scaled into full apps for ease of use. At least 1 year of experience with MATLAB is recommended. Those who prefer Python will be able to use it instead provided that they know how to process large datasets

Please note that since this is a student-lead organization, all positions are unpaid.

Email your questions and portfolio to ucruas+eemember@gmail.com.