Full Stack Developer

Riverside, United States

The Business Department is what makes this organization unique. Being multidisciplinary, we grow our organization by supporting the Engineering Department, strategically developing our products and ideas, building connections and opportunities, and creating an internship-like environment where students can apply their knowledge in practical projects.

Join UCR-UAS to Inspire, Educate, and Innovate not only to develop the Aerospace industry in our region but to also hone your skills in a realistic way!

General Responsibilities:

  • Implement classroom knowledge via practical projects;

  • Exercise autonomy, creativity, and experiment with new ideas;

  • Attend weekly Department Meetings (~1 hour);

  • Maintain a strong line of communication with other department members to get updated on tasks, make suggestions, and ensure consistency in work;

  • Be understanding and professional to other UCR-UAS members;

  • Ask for help wherever needed, and have an enjoyable learning experience!

Role-specific Responsibilities: 

  • Manage the UCR-UAS server & domain

    • Maintain consistency in website alongside Marketing Specialists

  • Oversee and guide the analyzing, modifying, and deployment of existing softwares

  • Show creativity through developing and implementing new software

  • Maintain strong communication and feedback loop with Management

Sample projects: Development of new website, Implementation of new Project Management software, etc.


  • Eager to learn new skills. 

  • Strong Interest in Linux system operations. 

  • Previous experience preferred in HTML, Python scripting, Nginx. 

Please note that since this is a student-led organization, all positions are unpaid.

Email your questions to ucruas+busdev@gmail.com