Interoperability Subteam Member

Riverside, United States

The Engineering Department is where the magic happens. With a multidisciplinary team of Mechanical, Electrical and Computer Engineers, we develop a fully-functional autonomous plane from scratch to take part in the annual AUVSI-SUAS competition in Maryland.

Subteams are specialized teams that produce particular subsystems defined by the project’s need. In addition to contributing towards the overall product, subteams serve as an opportunity for UCR-UAS members to engage in both leadership and technical development roles that further educate UCR students.

Join UCR-UAS to Inspire, Educate, and Innovate, not only to develop the Aerospace industry in our region but to also hone your skills in a realistic ways!

The Interoperability Subteam is responsible for developing the software and communications protocols needed to communicate with the interoperability server utilized by the AUVSI SUAS Competition

Generally, subteam members are responsible for

  • Attending weekly meetings.

  • Finish assigned tasks delegated from the subteam lead.

  • Working with scripts in Python/C++ and other languages.

  • Researching solutions/developing trade studies for potential designs.

  • Collaborating with the rest of the subteam on key deliverables throughout the project life cycle

Please note that since this is a student-lead organization, all positions are unpaid.

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