Video Editor

Riverside, United States

The Business Department is what makes this organization unique. Being multidisciplinary, we grow our organization by supporting the Engineering Department, strategically developing our products and ideas, building connections and opportunities, and creating an internship-like environment where students can apply their knowledge in practical projects.

Video Editors will take the footage filmed by our cinematographers and craft them into stories to be told through our videos. Editors will work on a wide range of projects, from cinematic promotional videos to candid documentaries as well as technical flight footage. Our videos are currently edited using Vegas Pro 15 with a transition to Adobe Premiere in the near future.

Please email any questions to 


  • Work with project directors to plan and execute the creation of visual media.

  • Edit footage into a cohesive video that effectively communicates the content within.

  • Refine footage via color grading and post-processing.

  • Appeal to viewers' emotions through editing styles.

Must Have

  • Experience with editing videos or films.

  • Experience with color grading.

  • Ability to edit with a cinematic style in mind

  • Strong communication and collaboration skills.

Nice to have

  • Experience with editing in specifically Vegas Pro or Adobe Premiere